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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google And Mobileiron Inc (NASDAQ:MOBL) Strike Partnership Deal To Provide Cloud Services

Mobile security provider Mobileiron Inc (NASDAQ:MOBL) and Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) subsidiary Google have announced that they are jointly working together to provide cloud-related services.

The partnership will work towards combining the analytics, security and distribution features of the MobileIron app with the Orbitera commerce platform offered by Google Cloud. This will lead to the creation of a new platform through which OEMs, enterprises, ISVs, and resellers can purchase cloud services and distribute them to employees and customers. One of the main objectives of the partnership is to facilitate enhanced corporate data security.

“Working with MobileIron, our goal is to help businesses more easily and quickly create an integrated marketplace where their authorized customers and partners can access apps and streamline billing, application entitlement, and authentication, plus use Google Cloud Platform for backend compute and storage services,” stated Google in a Blog Post.

Marcin Kurc, the head of Google Cloud’s commerce platform stated that most enterprises that exist today are in search of a solution that will help them meet the demand for a seamless cloud commerce software experience. Additionally, this seamless nature must be present from the moment it is purchased and also in its deployment. Kurc stated that this is the reason for which Google Cloud has teamed up with MobileIron.

The two companies will work together to bring together the EMM and Access solutions with the Orbitera platform so that they can foster business creativity through a secure and managed environment. MobileIron CEO, Simon Biddiscombe pointed out that the services from the partnership will allow the businesses to roll out multiple cloud services that will be aimed at securing corporate data.

The MobileIron CEO also stated that the partnership between his company and Google cloud also provides a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between operators and secure cloud marketplaces. Biddiscombe also pointed out that the partnership between the two firms will work towards coming up with ways through which they can help operators to sell however they want and CIOs to purchase however they wish to purchase.

MobileIron stock closed the latest trading session on Friday at $4.40.

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