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What Is The Buzz Surrounding Palo Alto Networks Inc (NYSE:PANW)?

Palo Alto Networks Inc (NYSE:PANW) reported the launch of its ruggedized PA-220R next-gen firewall. This latest NGFW appliance is intended to avert successful cyberattacks in the network settings of supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA), and industrial control (ICS) systems. The PA-220R fulfills required reliability and performance standards for operating in challenging industrial settings, such as power plants, factory floors and utility substations.

The buzz

Organizations are expanding their understanding about the requirement to enhance industrial cybersecurity. In their yearly survey, Securing Industrial Control Systems (SANS) reports that the count of enterprises seeing the level of threat to regulate systems as “high” or “critical” increased by 26% to 69% in 2017.

Safeguarding critical infrastructure from cyberattacks presents unique challenges as the environments can be tough, and systems often utilize specialized protocols. Advanced IT technologies in SCADA and ICS settings must often be linked to external networks, enhancing exposure to risk and needing sophisticated cybersecurity to warrant that successful cyberattacks are averted.

Palo Alto can now better avert successful cyberattacks on clients in ICS/SCADA environments with its latest PA-220R NGFW. The unique ruggedized NGFW has been intended to operate reliably in settings with extreme temperatures, dust, vibration, electromagnetic interference and humidity, utilizing the PAN-OS® operating system to offer granular, network segmentation, ICS-specific traffic visibility, and integrated threat inhibition to industrial networks in harsh settings. These enhancements offer enterprise-class cybersecurity capabilities that securely allow operational technology modernization.

Mario Chiock, the CISO emeritus and fellow at Schlumberger, expressed that they have been associated with Palo Alto Networks for as many as 10 years. It has simplified their perimeter security while enhancing visibility within their IT environment. With the launch of the PA-220R, they can now extend the unique capabilities to their OT deployments and within their exploration, processing and production assets, even in sites with harsh environments.

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