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What Is The Buzz Surrounding Teladoc Inc (NYSE:TDOC)?

Teladoc Inc (NYSE:TDOC) reported that it has been approved as a trusted associate of Surescripts, ® the country’s major health information network. With this approval company expands its e-prescribing association with the organization, allowing company’s physicians to use the Surescripts Medication History and Formulary and Eligibility services.

The buzz

Real-time drug history validation and prescription advantage access at the consultation time offers Teladoc physicians improved data insights that eventually lead to better medication adherence, lowered risk of prospective adverse drug interactions, and reduced prescription costs for patients. Lewis Levy, MD, the Chief Medical Officer of Teladoc, expressed that by using the extensive Surescripts health information setup, they are showcasing the influence that data-sharing, when used for virtual care offering at scale, can have on guaranteeing clinical quality and value for their members.

At a time when avertable medication errors impact over seven million patients in the U.S. annually, the inclusion of Surescripts’ Medication History services to company’s virtual care delivery base is an instance of how data sharing can remove prescription errors that result in adverse drug events. By apprising treating physicians of members’ past and current prescriptions, Teladoc is offering vital information that allows physicians to account for prospective allergic reactions or drug interactions when prescribing medication.

In addition, Teladoc physicians can view the member’s drug formulary data in real-time. This data also comprises cost information over the course of a patient visit. This allows company physicians to save funds for patients by lowering out-of-pocket costs, while enhancing overall medication compliance.

Being certified as a reliable associate of Surescripts is another instance of how company continues to direct the market in data-sharing across the healthcare network. With the ability to get real-time pharmacy data, to integrate into EMR network, and to share medical data with primary care physicians, company surpasses point-in-time care, to turn into a true part of the broad healthcare journey.

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