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Codexis, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDXS) Appoints Shawn Clairmont As Senior Director Prior To Making Presentation At A Science Corporation

Codexis, Inc. (NASDAQ:CDXS) recently appointed Shawn Clairmont as the Senior Director, Molecular Diagnostics just before making its presentation at the H.C. Wainwright Global Life Sciences Conference On April 10, 2018. The conference was held at the Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel in Monaco’s Monte Carlo city.

The aim of this new appointment is an expansion of the company in the field of molecular diagnostics. The company wants to develop and then commercialize its high-performance enzymes so that they can be used in the sequencing of next generation (NGS) and the applications of the polymerase chain reaction (PCS/qPCR). The Senior VP Corporate & Strategic Development of Codexis, Michael Aldridge said that the company would like to initiate a commercial launch of its first high-performance enzymes with the support of Clairmont in the molecular diagnostics industry.

He said that with the joining of Clairmont as its director the company will get the direct advantage of his first-hand experience in the various essential work segments such as product launches, commercial account management and establishing a relationship with the reputed molecular diagnostic firms as well as leaders from the industry. She will be directly reporting to the Senior VP of the company and will take care of the key portfolio of Codexis like carrying out all the commercial activities concerned with the product line of molecular diagnostics enzyme. It will include deciding the proper pricing strategies, launches for the new products and more.

Aldridge believes that with the joining of Clairmont the company will be able to come up with successful strategies to introduce the new enzyme product line in the market that already has tough competition.

Clairmont Excited To Join Codexis

It seems that Clairmont is as excited as Aldridge with her new association. According to her, the time is just right for Codexis to introduce its high-performing enzyme product line as new developments like liquid biopsy are being welcomed in the molecular diagnostics market. She believes that her new company is uniquely placed to develop enzyme products that can improve the precision and sensitivity of the tests used for indentifying biomarkers.

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