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DPW Holdings, Inc. (NYSE American: DPW) Acquires a Minority Stake in  Sandstone Diagnostic

DPW Holdings, Inc. (NYSE American: DPW) has acquired a minority stake of 4.05% in Sandstone Diagnostic. The deal, which is valued at $1 million, provides certain rights and privileges to DPW in Sandstone.

Sandstone is engaged in the development of medical testing equipment/ systems. Its point of care medical test equipment includes a male fertility tracker – Trak. The clinically proven Trak, the male fertility tracker, has got the nod of FDA for distribution. The Trak is an innovative test kit/ mobile app for males to test their fertility in the privacy of a home and take steps to improve fertility to parent a child.

The company utilizes its bioanalysis platform in the Trak to help maintain the upbeat health of the reproductive organs and improve chances of impregnating her naturally in bed.

The Bay Area Consumer health firm – Sandstone Diagnostics focuses on innovative biotechnologies in the development of consumables for use in the point of care medical testing and instruments so that people can make measurements at their home and stay healthy.

According to Ms. Drexler, DPW’s investment in Sandstone together with its innovative thinking ability and  interests in medical space is expected to bring additional assets to Sandstone.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at DPW, Mr. Milton “Todd” Ault, III is very excited to invest in   Sandstone, which is being managed by a mentor of investment and an accomplished business woman Ms. Karen Drexler. She has proven experience in life sciences and a driving force to lead the Sandstone to reap huge revenues.

According to Ault, the Trak of Sandstone arms the couples to check their fertility in the comfort and privacy of a home and find a solution to increase the male fertility so that they can effortlessly have children. Mr. Ault further said the company is moving in right direction with a collaborative effort to maximize the existing revenues and at the same time finding new opportunities.

Mr. Ault is also an experienced professional to drive the growth of Medical Care and Life Sciences sectors.

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