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Fate Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:FATE) Reports Receipt Of CIRM Grant

Fate Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:FATE) a clinical-stage biopharma firm committed to the advancement of programmed cellular immunotherapies for immune disorders and cancer, reported that the CIRM awarded the firm a grant of $4 million to develop “FT516” into a first-in-human clinical study. FT516 is being advanced by company as an off-the-shelf designed NK cell cancer immunotherapy. This NK cell candidate is made from a clonal master iPSC line engineered to consistently express a unique CD16 Fc receptor.

The buzz

Maria T. Millan, M.D., the CEO and President of CIRM, expressed that CIRM is delighted to support the sustained advancement of FT516 and Fate’s first-of-kind plan to off-the-shelf cancer immunotherapy utilizing clonal master iPSC lines. The adoptive movement of healthy allogeneic NK cells of donor has been demonstrated to be well tolerated in people and has not been related with the identified issues of allogeneic T-cell immunotherapy like graft-versus-host disease. This indicates that FT516 can be consistently given without individual patient corresponding restrictions and utilized off-the-shelf to cure a large patient population.

NK cells has a critical role in the treatment and prevention of cancer. They naturally express CD16, which is a potent triggering receptor that allows linking of NK cells to the Fc part of IgG antibodies. Once triggered through CD16, NK cells possess potential to lyse antibody-coated tumor cells. It can release immune signaling cytokines, like interferon gamma, to organize an extensive adaptive immune response. However, the CD16 expression on NK cells can experience substantial down-regulation in people with cancer, which can result in loss of NK cell anti-tumor impact.

Fate Therapeutics intends to advance FT516 for the cure of multiple tumor types, as a monotherapy as well as in combination with tumor-aiming monoclonal antibody treatment. The first-in-human trial is anticipated to evaluate the tolerability and safety of several dosing cycles of FT516 together with FDA-permitted monoclonal antibody therapy.

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