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Globant SA (NYSE:GLOB) Introduces StarMeUp™ OS To Digitally Transform Organizations

Globant SA (NYSE:GLOB) reported that its StarMeUp™ OS offering, a unique operating system comprised of smart applications advanced to help firms with cultural change leading a digital transformation. The objective of the StarMeUp™ OS is to face organizational and human limitations, creating a place with a reinforced social tissue, recording a richer experience and enabling employees to make even more important contributions.

The buzz

Globant reported that StarMeUp™ OS suite constitutes of five solutions: BetterMe™, BeThere™, StarMeUp™, BriefMe™ and TakePart™. Already used by several firms around the world, it allows management of soft aspects, offering visibility to everyday measures, aligning and reinforcing good behaviors. StarMeUp™ OS takes benefit of micro-moments and mobility to lead a large quantity of interactions that assist the firm be smarter. The five offerings within this OS comprise:

StarMeUp™ marks as a peer-to-peer recognition base that reinforces organizational values and strengthens the corporate culture. For business leaders, it offers real-time valuable insights that enable them to identify staff that are major, positive influencers within their firm. Such data allows firms to gain a more measurable and accurate outlook of their organizational network dynamics.

Globant stated that BetterMe™ enables employees to provide real-time feedback with members within the organization, irrespective of geographic location, level or department. For people managers, this offers a prevailing view of performance and recurrent opportunities for improvement. Then there is BeThere™ which empowers employees to reveal their experiences to colleagues by offering them with a platform for sharing photos of significant events and moments. This allows staff to stay informed and connected in an engaging way, irrespective of their location in the world, reducing silos and geographic obstacles.

Globant reported that TakePart™ is a segment for staff to vote and suggest on new notions that lead to increasingly dynamic organizational changes, involving personnel in organizational transformation. Last offering named BriefMe™ marks as an ideal platform for communications teams to disseminate the most important information to personnel at the right time via strategically located screens.

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