IZEA Inc (NASDAQ:IZEA) Launches IZEA Crypto™ Mining Operations

IZEA Inc (NASDAQ:IZEA) announced recently that it’s launching an IZEA Crypto™, an alt-coin mining operations initiative that focused on incorporating the use of the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies into a greater Creator Economy. The company expects to make the new technologies an integral part of the ongoing operations.

The company also intends to make cryptocurrency mining and blockchain systems easily accessible for its average computer users. In addition, IZEA wants to explore new ways of doing business efficiently to leverage its existing technology infrastructure and market-oriented resources.

Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO at IZEA stated that since IZEA’s inception, its mission has always been to help the widespread network of Creators to monetize their various assets and one of the most expensive and underutilized assets the company has is the computer, which many users utilize for about 8 hours a day or less.

The company intends to explore, identify and develop a platform to convert the idle hours per day of computing capacity into a revenue avenue for its Creators and itself as a business company.

According to Murphy, the goal is actually to make the cryptocurrency mining operations more efficient in the same way it made the Influencer Marketing mainstream. The company is determined to eliminate the current technological knowledge barriers and replace them with advanced technological systems that are safe for its users, and leveraging its network of influencers to spread the news to the rest of the world.

IZEA plans to roll out the cryptocurrency and blockchain projects in several phases which would commence immediately.

The IZEA mining operations focus on the ‘alt-coins’ that are profitably mined via CPU and GPU hardware to reflect the IZEA network. Mining operations will serve as the basic foundational layer for the company’s future digital currency-related endeavors.

IZEA also plans to establish the cryptocurrency alt-coin mining pools that would be accessible to the more experienced crypto miners.

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