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Jason Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:JASN) Reports Results For Q4 and Full-Year 2017

Jason Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:JASN) has reported results for its fourth quarter and full-year financial outcomes for 2017. According to CEO Brian Kobylinski, the company attained its revenue targets in the year and tremendously reduced its net debt leverage by the third quarter of the year. Furthermore, there were improvements in various units of the company including the targeted initiatives, self-help projects, and operational improvement initiatives that enhanced the overall performance in 2017.

The company is set to achieve higher in 2018 and has three key areas to note: the margin expansion, which will focus on increasing on adjusting EBITDA margin by about 200 basis points; Selective growth in various regions including its Osborn business that has been posting improved results since 2014 when it went public; and self-help projects that were launched recently to reduce the fixed costs at its Janeville Acoustics venture.

The company is also focusing on the main objectives: generate revenue in form of cash and posting a great balance sheet. The company also plans to focus in targeted growth, continuous improvement of the self-help initiatives, and debt reduction mechanisms.

Jason has entered 2018 with a positive outlook and though challenges remain part of the daily operations of the business, the company believes it’s in a better position too carry out its plans for the year than it was a year ago.

The firm plans to focus on the cash flows and debt management. However, the firm must strive to improve its operations to deliver better services to its clientele, generate cash despite a reduction in sales volume due to external environmental forces, and growth of EBITDA. The firm plans to improve its internal systems rather than the market-driven mechanisms.

Jason Industries is the parent company linked to an international group of manufacturing players in the finishing, components, seating and the automotive acoustics space. The firm has various businesses including Osborn, Metalex, Milsco and Janesville Acoustics. The company has over 4,300 employees spread in 13 countries.

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