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KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM) Announces The Launch Of Film Capacitors Targeting Automotive Use In Challenging Environments

KEMET Corporation (NYSE:KEM) recently announced the launch of the latest film capacitors that are designed for automotive-level use especially in tough environmental conditions.

The new announcement unveiled the latest class of automotive-grade polypropylene film capacitors that are metalized. The new family of capacitors are known as the F863 class X2 miniature capacitors and they feature the ability to provide strong performance from safety application especially in harsh and severe conditions.

The new capacitors target applications within the industrial and automotive segments. The devices are able to provide RFI and EMI filtering especially as the demand for more vehicle electronics applications increases. The growing demand is also due to the increasing growth in the mains-connected indoor applications.

KEMET will provide the F863 series in capacitance values from 0.1 microfarads to 10 microfarads with as much as 310 VAC rated voltages. The family of capacitors also happens to be compliant with the AEC-Q200 qualification requirements.

“The number and severity of challenging electrical and environmental applications is rising. The demand for complex vehicle electronics is increasing, and customers expect sensitive electronics products to work safely and reliably in high temperature, high humidity situations,” stated Fabio Scagliarini, the Vice President of Film Development at KEMET.

Scagliarini also stated that the F863 family of capacitors from KEMET can offer strong and reliable solutions in the mentioned scenarios as well as compliance with the currently existing standards in the industry. Meanwhile, the company announced earlier this month that it struck a joint venture with Jianghai (Nantong) Film Capacitor Co., Ltd. The latter is a subsidiary of Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co., Ltd.

The joint venture will work towards the making of (H)EV Film DC brick capacitors, as well as axial electrolytic capacitors. The joint venture will focus on the distribution of the products through the sales channels that are used by both companies. Andreas Meier, the senior Vice President of KEMET revealed that the two companies expect to create electrolytic and film capacitors that are cost-competitive and also the best offering available especially for the industrial and automotive industries.

KEMET stock closed Tuesday’s trading session at $18.57.

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