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Komatsu Inks Pact with NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) for AI Based Intelligent Equipment for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

Komatsu is set to utilize the cloud to edge technologies of NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ:NVDA) in its heavy equipment as well as site management services. The technology is used to enhance the efficiency and safety of Komastu’s business operations. To this effect, Komastu has signed an accord with NVIDIA recently.

A leader in the production and mining equipment, Komastu will utilize the AI Platform of NVIDIA in its heavy machinery for drilling, excavation, mining and loading etc. The equipment will be provided with a combination of real time video analytics and surround cameras for enhanced efficiency and safety.

The injuries related to the use of machinery and heavy vehicles in the construction industry is estimated at 10K every year in the US. The new initiative is envisaged to reduce the injuries caused by the use of machinery and heavy vehicles.

The use of artificial intelligence and full surround vision helps to track the people and the movement of the heavy machinery to prevent accidents. In addition to this, the construction industry will greatly benefit from improved efficiency. It helps to reduce the machine idle time of 50% with the help of site photogrammetry and sensor data of the machines. The cloud AI technology maps the progress of the work in real-time and checks it with the planned schedule.

The heavy equipment utilizes multiple Jetson Platforms to accomplish the work as planned. Komastu is also planning to utilize the Jetson technology in the cab mounted stereo cameras to get real time assessment of site conditions. The operator also gets warnings and instructions from AI for enhanced efficiency and safety.

The Jetson AI NVIDIA is utilized in autonomous machines and drones. The software ecosystem of NVIDIA scales from drones to super computers.

The cloud based AI of NVIDIA and photogrammetry of the site helps Komastu in efficiently managing the jobs at the site through better coordination of the vehicles and prevent collisions. The company can utilize the DGX AI server to process the data and track to find whether it is in accordance with the plan. It helps to incorporate corrective measures for enhanced efficiency.

The users need to train the Jetson AI to recognize the heavy equipment and people alike for use in real time at the site.

Komastu has selected NVIDIA for its wide gamut of solutions for data centers, drone and the vehicles alike. The alliance also includes OPTiM Corp for software to identify the machinery and people and Skycatch to supply mapping drones.

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