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Mediwound (NASDAQ:MDWD) Makes The Pronouncement Of Its Fourth Quarter And Year End Financial Results

Mediwound (NASDAQ:MDWD) has today unveiled its fourth quarter and year end financial results for 2017.From the outlook, one thing that is quite evident is the fact that the company has managed to achieve significant progress as well as hit important milestones in the previous year. With such progress achieved, it then goes without saying that the stage for achieving much more in 2018 is already set and we are hoping to witness monumental success.

An official working with the company in a recent interview with several news reporters spoke in relation to the expansion of the BARDA contract .One point that came out quite clearly was the aspect of the company as a whole appreciating the fact that it provided about $132 million in terms of the non-dilutive financing.

At this point in time, BARDA is already financing NexoBrid® development and anytime soon BLA might be proceeding to give its approval. But what is the special thing about the BARDA agreement? The point is that it managed to effectively establish NexoBrid as a self-funded program. The passage of time is witnessing NexoBrid’s® sales and use expand in Europe and that is pretty easy to note more so looking t the dozens of papers and abstracts to its cost savings and clinical benefit. There is hope that the integration of NexoBrid as some sort of standard care strategy in phasing out severe bans continues to hold water.

MediWound’s President and Chief Executive Officer Gal Cohen outlined that any time from now they would be done with the recruitment of about 175 patients to the company’s ongoing NexoBrid® U.S. Phase 3 DETECT study. The other point worth noting is that MediWound is doing much in line with expanding the pediatric Phase 3 CIDS study in which case they want it to make a major headway into the U.S.

The important steps have been made already including the submission of the protocol to the IRBs and as 2018 progress the business giant will be moving ahead with its activity of opening up new sites. A lot is being said in terms of what the future brings, but we just have to wait and see.

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