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Reasons Why GlycoMimetics Inc (NASDAQ:GLYC) Might End Up Becoming A Takeover Target

The stock of GlycoMimetics Inc (NASDAQ:GLYC) closed at $18.92 gaining 2.44% in yesterday’s trading session. The most recent update of results from the trial evaluating GMI-1271 in refractory or relapsed acute myeloid leukemia (AML) early this week sent the shares of GlycoMimetics on an upward trend. Experts think that if the trend is upheld in the course of next year the shares could move up even higher.

If very goes according to plan, the company intends to start its phase 3 study of GMI-1271 somewhere in the middle of 2018.It is a study that will be targeted at coming up with working solutions for those patients that have over the years struggled with sickle-cell disease.

Anyone that needs to learn more about the interesting facts relating to GlycoMimetics’ story can opt to visit the company’s website where he/she will come across a wide range of facts relating to the company and the solutions it offers patients around the globe. Business dynamics are pushing a significant number of companies to work even harder as well as leverage on the various technological advancements in a bid to attain immense business success.

 GlycoMimetics is at the moment looking out at the various possible ways in which it can be able to improve AML treatment. Any step towards this particular direction implies that the company will be working towards helping the various patients around the globe that have been suffering from sickle-cell disease. An expert following closely on each and every move if ten company outlined that it was such a commitment that made the company to be such an intriguing takeover target.

The company’s spokesperson opined, “Usually, when adding a new drug to existing standard of care increases efficacy, it also increases safety risks. That doesn’t appear to be the case with GMI-1271. In phase 2 studies, tacking GMI-1271 on to the standard of care chemotherapy not only improved remission rates, but it also lowered the risk of severe mucositis.”

It hasn’t been a smooth ride all along. Numerous challenges have popped along the way but the company has its eye fixed on delivering the best to patients around the world.

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