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Seed Mena and Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) Partner Develop Equillevia

The stock of Jaguar Health Inc (NASDAQ:JAGX) closed at $0.126 losing 1.86% in yesterday’s trading session. Jaguar and Seed Mena are striking a partnership that will see the two develop Equillevia, a product that targets promoting wellness in horses.

In making it recent statement Jaguar outlined that it was confident about it decision to settle on Seed Mena in the new project. It outlined that Seed’s track record spoke for itself exuding confidence that the new product was going to be a leader in the market.

One of the lead researchers has been rather outspoken about the recent developments. According to him, gut health was a matter that needed to be paid focus to especially among the competitive horses.

He brought into context some severe conditions for instance ulcers which could end up impairing the equine athlete performance. He went further to outline that colic wasn’t to be underestimated and necessary measures needed to be taken in good time. Failure to do so could even result into the death an otherwise healthy horse and the surprising bit is that it could take only a few hours.

The third-party 2005 study indicated that about 55% of the performance horses exhibited both gastric and colonic ulcers. These figures tell much regarding the reason why the two are making the move to seek out for working solutions.

Partnerships might be easy to strike, but one market analysts says that it is never an “exciting walk in the park” all along .From time to time challenges pop up and they need to be dealt with amicably in order for the partnership to achieve its set goals. He however agrees that partnerships are critical towards the attainment of immense business success by any company.

He said that the two were on the right track in developing the much needed solution for horses around the globe.

The terms of the deal are such that Jaguar will have to pay SEED an ongoing percentage of revenue that will have been fetched among partners or clients brought to jaguar by SEED.

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