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Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc (NASDAQ:SLS) Positive Phase 2 Breast Cancer Trial Data Send Stocks Skyrocketing

Sellas Life Sciences Group Inc (NASDAQ:SLS) shares skyrocketed after the successful Phase 2 interim breast cancer results. The shares went up beyond 126% after the study that is overlooking the possibility of successfully using drugs NeuVax and trastuzumab (Herceptin) in combination to stop the recurrence of tumors or death.

The treatment has been tried on patients suffering from a rare kind of breast cancer-triple negative breast cancer (TNBC). And the Sellas officials have revealed that the findings are extremely positive and the combined usage of NeuVax and Herceptin is on its way to becoming one of the most effective therapeutic options for treating patient with TNBC in which the tumor cells are without any receptors for the basic female hormone estrogen as well as progesterone or Her2 protein.

The positive results of the Phase 2 trial have also made a positive impact on the share rates of the company. According to latest statistics, the stock of the company showed -17.96% weekly performances which remained stable all through the month at 10.20%. Analysts have recommended 2.00 rating for the stock which means investors should right now hold the shares.

Positive Results Of Trial To Make Clinical Treatment More Meaningful

According to the study director of an independently handled investigator-sponsored clinical trial (IST), Dr. George E. Peoples, they are very much happy with these findings and are hopeful that the positive trial results will provide a clinically meaningful benefit to the patients suffering from TNBC. The recent NSABP B-47 trial has shown that Herceptin alone is not capable of benefitting the patients. Peoples stated that the trial results indicate that the combination of drugs will improve the chances of disease-free survival in the women suffering from this uncommon kind of breast cancer.

The company is planning to put forth this favorable data in the upcoming major medical conference to support the development of NeuVax.

The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company recently revealed its financial results for the last quarter of the last year. The company is currently focused on investigating the possibilities of novel cancer immunotherapies.

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