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Shares Of Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CNAT) Sink After The Failure Of A New Study

The shares of Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:CNAT) declined by about 33% and that followed a recent pronouncement that emricasan, which happens to be the company’s pipeline candidate had failed in the phase IIB study – POLT-HCV-SVR.

It is crucial to outline that the candidate failed at achieving its primary endpoint during the study whose central objective was to conduct an evaluation of patients diagnosed with cirrhosis or fibrosis .That was specifically those that had undergone liver transplant.

The shares of Conatus have returned 30.1% to this point in time and it is thus crucial to draw some conclusion considering that the industry’s gain stood at 0.7%.

The data emanating from the POLT-HCV-SVR study brought it out clearly that indeed emricasan had failed in terms of achieving an outstanding response rate and the comparison was being drawn between it and what was reported form the placebo in the overall patient population.

In close consideration of a patient subset with early cirrhosis or the advanced fibrosis, emricasan forwarded evidence related to an anti-fibrotic treatment effect. The company will from now moving forward undertake further evaluation of emricasan in the subset in question.

The oral caspase inhibitor Emricasan is at this point in time being developed through a partnership struck with Novartis AG (ADR) (NYSE:NVS). One notable aspect about the POLT-HCV-SVR study is the fact that it is scrutinizing emricasan in patients who have over the years struggled with cirrhosis or fibrosis resulting from recurrent HCV infection.

It is worth noting that most of the patients ended up achieving sustained viral response after being subjected to the HCV therapy.

Asides from this particular study, three phase IIb studies are at this point in time narrowing their focus towards the evaluation of emricasan among patients that have been diagnosed with cirrhosis or fibrosis caused by nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (“NASH”).

The data emanating from the studies that were conducted recently if things move according to plan might be unleashed in the second half of 2018 and in 2019.A large number of the investors will be paying a significant focus on the data readouts and a person well conversant with the matter has disclosed that it will be for the prospect of emricasan in the future.

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