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ShiftPixy Inc (NASDAQ:PIXY) Reports Texas Expansion

ShiftPixy Inc (NASDAQ:PIXY) reported the launch of its Austin, Texas, location. Keeping up with the firm’s growth plan and rapidly growing customer demand, the company has decided to set its Texas market start in Austin.

The buzz

Scott Absher, the CEO of ShiftPixy, expressed that they consider Austin marks as a perfect place for company to venture into Texas. The technical innovation company brings to the part-time labor led industries like retail operators and restaurant has witnessed a warm Texas welcome. The thriving tech community in Austin also allows company to build their technical bench, as well as national footprint. They are thrilled to put down their Texas roots in Austin.

Retail operators and restaurant are noting high part-time labor turnover following competition from latest gig platforms that have attracted part-time workers by providing greater connection to income prospect with greater ease. The company’s cutting edge platform enables its retail and restaurant customers to strive against the gig platforms and address the high cost of high turnover

ShiftPixy is using blockchain as a digital ledger for human capital transactions. As it is known, blockchain is being seen with skepticism following the lack of use cases. The company marks as a prime use case for deploying a private, centralized blockchain following to the privacy and security of the data that a blockchain offers. Human capital transactions comprise some of the most sensitive and crucial personal information-namely, everything enclosed in the personnel records for a person including date of birth, social security number, passport details or driver’s license, tax form elections, bank account information and more.

Any data thought to be a human capital validation mark or part of the onboarding and hiring process is being recorded and utilized in ShiftPixy’s blockchain ledger. The company deploys blockchain technology in its ecosystem, because it marks as one of the best tools available to help protect their data from cyber interference.

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