Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) Unveils Its Fourth Quarter Results

Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) today moved ahead to pronounce its 2017 operating and financial results or the three and twelve months of the year. In making his statement, an official working with the company has revealed that they will soon be hosting a conference call but of course that will take place after the unveiling of the company’s financial results.

The company’s revenue for the three months stood at $2,309,000 and one notable aspect is the fact that an increase of $743,000 was witnessed which when converted into a percentage was 47%.A market observer following closely on the progress of the company made a statement outlining that it was a good thing that the company was progressing and more so during a moment when business dynamics tend to be shifting quite fast.

During the fourth quarter, the business guru performed quite well and it is said that what was witnessed in terms of revenue was a representation of one of the largest quarterly revenue ever witnessed by the company.

The other point worth noting is the fact that the Surna’s net bookings for 2017b stood at about $9,020,000 whereas the ending backlog as of December were reported to stand at $4,456,000 which was representative of the company’s biggest quarter-end backlog for that particular year.

The Company’s CEO Chris Bechtel while walking out of a business conference that was held recently addressed several news reporters who wanted him to crack up regarding the latest developments. The company official spelt out that as a company they were excited to have gotten to the point of witnessing such significant progress in the fourth quarter.

He went further to state that they were going to move on with their efforts in line with upgrading their engineering and the personnel since that was the best way for them to achieve their dream of expanding sales.

Product development is a matter that the company has been taking quite seriously over the years. In A Market Characterized by Stiff Competition, the Company has been doing all that it can to ensure that it maintains or improves its business standing.

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