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USANA Health Sciences, Inc (NYSE:USNA) Receives Award For Being The Top Rated Direct Selling Brand

The stock of USANA Health Sciences, Inc (NYSE:USNA) closed at $98.35 gaining 2.18% in yesterday’s trading session. Over the years, this business giant has remained dedicated in its efforts of ensuring accomplishes much in line with the manufacture of top line products. It has been pronounced the 2018 Top Rated Direct Selling Brand and that was of course be done by the survey conducted by ConsumerLab.com.

USANA Health Sciences, Inc has all along remained committed to excellence and that serves as the perfect explanation as to why it has upheld great performance al along. This is definitely the fifth time the company is laying its hands on the award. It is a reward that is given after a close assessment of the customers satisfaction derived from products and services of a given company.

The company takes great pride in the fact that quite a significant number of customers have indicated their great satisfaction with USANA than they have done with the rest of the direct selling brands.

At this point in time, USANA sticks out as the topmost choice for most of the consumers and that is the reason why quite a large number of people will be visiting the company’s website to shop on the wide range of healthy food, high-quality nutritionals and the personal care products.

USANA’s chief communications and marketing officer Dan Macuga while addressing a number of journalists after attending a business conference that was conducted recently had a lot of things to say regarding the latest developments.

He outlined that it was a major success for them as a company to be receiving such feedback directly from the wide consumer base. He said that they valued their recent accomplishments higly and they continued looking forward to even brighter days ahead.

According to him, it served as the indicator for the great passion they had as well as their undying focus ion placing all their customers first. The company has managed to make huge investments in research and development and manufacturing and that is why it is at the moment enjoying the adored reward.

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