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Zayo Group Holdings Inc (NYSE:ZAYO) Unveils Its Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Solution

The stock of Zayo Group Holdings Inc (NYSE:ZAYO) closed at $36.05 losing 0.69% in yesterday’s trading session. Zayo proceeded to make the announcement regarding the unveiling of its software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution.

Zayo’s SD-WAN happens to be an integrated extension of Zayo’s fiber-based IP/MPLS backbone offerings that helps boost performance in a significant way. Asides from that, it also makes it a lot much easier to manage enterprises’ networks in addition to enhancing reliability and failover options.

In the current IT environment, there is great need for the various enterprises to make preparations that will see them succeed at accommodating the ever growing number of users that need to access the network. Of course such users have the option to access the network from a wide range of locations associated with the varying access options.

It goes without saying that the Cloud-based enterprise applications take the level of complexity to a whole new level. Consequently, the WAN management is with the passage of time getting more resource intensive and a bit of a challenge.

Zayo’s SD-WAN is found in both the basic and advanced packages and it streamlines WAN management quite effectively. The best part about the solution is the fact that it enables service provisioning, cost-effective location integration, incorporating MPLS, LTE and internet into the multi-path and primary configurations.

The company’s spokesperson stated, “Dynamic traffic steering prioritizes traffic at the application level to the paths available to deliver an optimal network performance. Zayo’s SD-WAN integrates seamlessly with both internet and IP-VPN connections to provide greater capacity and resiliency.”

The unveiling of the SD-WAN goes a long way in helping Zayo enhance its portfolio of WAN solutions which at the moment includes the Ethernet-based solutions, a robust array of IP and the managed and unmanaged solutions in a bid to try and fit the customer’s network preference.

The portal access helps the customers with the optimization and the monitoring of traffic and that is way down to the application level. The other thing is that they can be able to outsource the network management to Zayo fully.

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